Terms of delivery of goods to other countries

Delivery from Ukraine by the transport company Ukrposhta air or EMS mail. Payment for carrier services is carried out in accordance with the tariff plan of the transport company.

    Ukrposhta delivers goods from 5 to 15 days (depending on the region). Cost according to tariffs of shopping mall.
    EMS mail delivers goods from 5 to 10 days (depending on the region). Cost according to tariffs of shopping mall.

When sending goods by the selected transport company, you have the opportunity to receive the goods in a region convenient for you.
EMS mail delivers shipments worldwide in a period of 5-10 days. Since 1991, the company has been providing international shipping services for EMS to 189 countries. Since 2004, the company is a permanent member of the EMS of the Universal Postal Union. According to the results of 2008 - 2010 the company was awarded three times by the EMS Cooperative: twice by the bronze certificate of quality (2008, 2009) and as the best EMS information center of 2010 in the field of EMS customer service.
The national postal operator Ukrposhta Avia delivers mail to more than 230 countries and territories around the world. Member of the Universal Postal Union and collaborates with 192 national postal operators. Within 5-15 days. A detailed list of countries is on the official website of the carrier.
Modern transport companies have a wide network of branches, which allows for delivery around the world. Cooperation with international carriers allows you to deliver the goods you have chosen to any country.